Our Latest DVSA Audit Report


Executive Summary

A well-managed training session delivered by a competent trainer. 1 action points was identified attention to which will enable compliance with the requirements of periodic training.

Auditor Summary

Delivery requirement
The ID checking was conducted by the trainer prior to the start of training following a series of physical checks against the photo ID provided by trainees. The subsequent checks of the centre registration document identified that the trainer had recorded the type of ID provided by trainees.

The central registration form in current use includes provision for the collection of a range of course information and when completed the document would provide an auditable trail to attendance and ID checks. The trainer accurately completed all the relevant sections of the registration record prior to the start of the morning training session. A sample check of trainees information indicated that the trainer had correctly recorded the trainees’ licence number, type of ID and licence category.

The course topics were aligned to those listed on the approved course summary with only minor adjustments made to session timings to suit the training needs of trainees. The training session delivered both new and refresher training, which was seen to be enhancing and developing the trainee’s current level of knowledge.

The centre’s use of the DCPC logo on its attendance certificate does not currently include the strapline, it was also noted that certificate included the JAUPT logo which must not be used by the centre (AP 5.5).

Training Environment
The onsite training room was free from any disruption with the seating set out in an open square. The multimedia presentation was projected onto the screen with the trainer positioned appropriately during the session.

The training was well resourced with the relevant training material such as the multimedia presentation, white boards and first aid training equipment. The review of the multimedia presentation identified it was well-formatted and included legible and clear text with the accompanying DVD clips audible.

Course content
The review of the course content delivered during the observed session identified that it contained a range of suitable topics linked directly to a generic first aid course. The range of training material and training aids were suitable to support the delivery of the course subject matter.

Course introduction
The trainer delivered a detailed course introduction which included a safety briefing, course information, fair processing notice, course objectives, as well as establishing the ground rules for the day.

Course delivery
The observed training session comprised of classroom-based theoretical content and practical skills training. The trainer was seen to have sufficient understanding and knowledge of the course subject matter to be able to provide relevant explanations as well as answering questions asked by trainees. The theoretical training and practical demonstrations provided by the trainer were conducted confidently with the trainer’s relaxed demeanour creating a training environment that the trainees were comfortable in, and happy to share their own experiences.

During training, the trainer utilised Q&A as both a method to develop discussions as well as confirm the trainees understanding of the course subject matter. The questions used during training were pertinent and relevant to the subject matter and were well phrased. The trainer’s management and control of trainees were seen to be effective during training with trainees engaged in the practical activity discussions and Q&A remaining attentive to the trainer throughout the training session.

Delivery followed the methodology detailed within the approved course layout and was supported by the course presentation, trainer commentary, discussions, practical activities supported by suitable training aids. Overall a very informative training period which delivered clear learning outcomes with confirmation of learning taking place throughout the session.

End of Course Process.
Evaluation Questionnaires were available for completion by the trainees at the end of the course, with the Certificate of Attendance to be issued to trainees after the completion of the training.

Action Points

5.5 Centres and Trainers are not permitted to use the JAUPT logo. This logo must be removed from all materials.

Continuous Improvements