Yorkshire DCPC Courses We will resume our usual weekday courses in July 2021

Saturday 08th May 21 – Road Traffic Law, H&S and Driver Hours – Bridlington

Saturday 15th May 21 – Road Traffic Law, H&S and Driver Hours – SOLD OUT – York

Saturday 22nd May 21 – Emergency First Aid at Work – SOLD OUT – York

Saturday 05th June 21 – Road Traffic Law, H&S and Driver Hours – Bridlington

Saturday 12th June 21 – Road Traffic Law, H&S and Driver Hours – York

Saturday 19th June 21 – Lifestyle, Health and Well-being – York

Saturday 26th June 21 – Emergency First Aid at Work – York

Friday 16th July 21 – Lifestyle, Health and Well-being – (Venue TBC)

Saturday 17th July 21 – Road Traffic Law, H&S and Driver Hours – York

Saturday 24th July 21 – Emergency First Aid at Work – York

All of our DCPC courses are just £55.00 which includes your £8.75 DVSA upload fee, light buffet lunch and hot & cold refreshments. You can book today via the website or by calling the office on 01759 371301 or 07730 685845.

DSY appreciates that a driver has diverse and changing working routines, so we will happily permit all bookings to be paid on the day if that better suits your personal needs or circumstances; alternatively (places permitting); you can swap your day to any other without charge!

Option 1 – Emergency First Aid at Work

Your Legal Responsibility

The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 requires all employers (including those that are Self-Employed) to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and trained personnel to ensure that their employees, customers and visitors receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill or injured.

What You Will Learn and Practice with us.

Drivers will develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to help someone who is:

  • Unresponsive and not breathing, including CPR and how to use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Unresponsive and breathing
  • Having a seizure
  • Choking
  • Bleeding heavily
  • Suffering from shock
  • Burnt.

We will also include information on:

  • Assessing a casualty
  • Monitoring a casualty
  • Where to get help
  • Electrical incidents
  • Accident recording and reporting

All Drivers

Upon completion, Drive Safe Yorkshire will issue each Driver with proof of their First Aid competence (via an ID Card valid for 3 years); and your attendance will be recorded as 7 hours of Periodic Training towards your next DQC re-qualification.

Option 2 – The Unseen Consequences

This interactive and incident prevention DCPC workshop aims to deepen a drivers’ appreciation of the consequences that immediately follows an “at fault” incident; so that it inspires and motivates them to consciously STOP and THINK. Our customers can expect to;

  • You will take part in a short interactive questionnaire to openly demonstrate the groups cultural beliefs using our “anonymous”, fun and easy to use hand held polling software. This micro session always delivers huge debate so that continuous development can be achieved.
  • You will discuss what internal and external factors have a direct impact on your “on road” decision making, so that you can develop a broader understanding of how influence(s) unwittingly effects your day to day decisions making.
  • You will learn the impacts of 5 post incident consequences from a Personal, Financial, Emotional, Physical and Reputational perspective, and how these impact on the wider industry and the communities you serve.
  • You will analyse 5 serious post incident case studies to investigate a wide range of root causes so that you can learn by the mistakes of others, whilst developing your individual and group investigation skills.
  • The Unseen Consequences board game (2m x 2m) is an extremely fun and informative platform, as it will challenge professional drivers on how they manage and mitigate their day to day risks.
  • The session will conclude with several best practice incident prevention techniques.

Option 3 – Lifestyle, Health and Well-being

This fun, engaging and informative DCPC road safety training course will explore and review the positive and negative impacts of our Lifestyle, Health and Well-being. We aim to develop your understanding in the following topics;

  • The recreational and excessive usage of legal and illegal drugs and alcohol. The use of prescribed and non-prescribed medications in accordance with road traffic law.
  • The triggers, symptoms and management of personal and workplace stress.
  • The positive and negative effects of diet, sleep deprivation and exercise.
  • The effects of physical and behavioural addiction.
  • The effects of lifestyle, health and well-being on your driving standards.

Option 4 – Hazard Identification, Driver Reactions and the HWC

Drivers have a professional obligation to effectively anticipate and appropriately react to the diverse hazards that they face whilst on duty in the cab or at work in the yard. This full day DCPC training solution will;

  • Comprehensively review a wide range of potential and developing hazards (Urban, Rural & City).
  • You will investigate the challenging root cause(s) of a serious bridge strike and cyclist incident.
  • You will review the Highway Code, which includes several amendments or recent additions to prevent future offences being made. Followed by a review of the regulations of highway signage, its meaning; and the importance and under-pinning message of its road side positioning.
  • You will discuss several best practice incident prevention techniques.

Option 5 – Road Traffic Law, Health & Safety and Driver Hours

Part 1 – Whether you drive a truck, bus or car, we are all governed by the same Road Traffic Act (1991 & 1988). As driving professionals, staying on the right side of the law not only improves road safety, it eliminates the possibility of drivers receiving a fix penalty or infringement notice. This part of the course will support this as we review and discuss the following topics;

  • The Road Traffic Act 1991 & 1988
  • What common driver errors manifest into an infringement, how you can avoid them, and should the worst happen and you receive one, you will learn how long the enforced penalty or restriction lasts.

Part 2 – The health, safety and well-being of every driver (and general public) should always be at the very heart of our industry, and it is vitally important that all Operators and Drivers understand and acknowledge what their lawful obligations are to remain safe. This part of the course aims to deepen your Transport Health & Safety awareness so that you can minimise risk, by appropriately taking the correct steps whilst carrying out your day to day duties. The course will review and discuss the following topics;

  • Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.
  • Health & Safety responsibilities (Driver and Operator).
  • Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Vehicle checks & site safety..

Part 3 – EU and domestic driver hours form a pivotal part of life across the industry, yet Fixed penalties in the UK continued to rise from 4,236 in 2017 to 19,723 in 2018, costing the industry £3,653,450. To support drivers in avoiding hours infringements, this the course will include the following;

  • The EU and UK Legal Frameworks.
  • EU Driver Hours (EC Regulation 561/2006)
  • The Road Transport Working Time Regulations 2005
  • UK Domestic Rules 1968

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