New DCPC Training Course – Lifestyle, Health & Well-being

Drive Safe Yorkshire is pleased to announce the launch of our new Driver CPC course; titled “Lifestyle, Health & Well-being”. This course aims to develop a drivers understanding of several often overlooked topics that so heavily influence their driving standards and behaviours. This is going to be excellent course to deliver across the industry. Here is a quick snap shot of the content.

1. The recreational and excessive use of legal and illegal drugs and alcohol. The use of prescribed and non-prescribed medications in accordance with road traffic law.

2. The triggers, symptoms and management of personal and workplace stress.

3. The positive and negative effects of diet, sleep deprivation and exercise.

4. The effects of physical and behavioural addiction. 5. The effects of lifestyle, health and well-being on your driving standards.

If this is an intervention that suits the needs of your business, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we can quite easily to come to you.

New DCPC Training Course – Lifestyle, Health & Well-being
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  1. This looks brilliant! A valued and needed topic for sure. I hope to get myself on board as soon as you release the dates. If its anything like my first course with you I will enjoy it. Good on you Jamie for being a little different.

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