About Us

Our mission is your safety and the safety of others, this will never change!

Like all businesses, Drive Safe Yorkshire has its own story to tell. A journey that began with fatal personal loss, progressing to a dedicated, multi-disciplined 25 year career in the Haulage and PCV sectors. Our story has inspired us step away from the traditional to provide our customers with innovative, rewarding and effective training solutions that will support a driver’s DCPC compliance needs and personal welfare, whilst protecting the long-term sustainability of an employer.

Tragically in July 2000, James, Drive Safe Yorkshire’s founder and principle trainer received the news that his father had been killed in road traffic accident, he was one of two innocent people that lost their life that day, with a third receiving life changing injuries. As an industry employed haulage driver at the time, James made the conscious decision to dedicate his working life to raising the awareness of road safety and to date, he has partnered some of the largest transport operators in the UK, as well as the Police Force, Fire Service and Military.

In the year 2000, 3409 people was killed whilst driving in the UK. Although this number had almost halved by 2013; we now know that it is slowly beginning to rise again. Drive Safe Yorkshire promotes early intervention, as this is the key to the reduction of incidents; incidents that commonly have devastating Personal, Financial, Physical, Emotional and Reputational impacts on both the driver and operator. It was this appreciation that inspired our most recent and bespoke DCPC training intervention, The Unseen Consequences